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I was born in California, lived in the state of Washington until I was six, then lived in Hawaii until I was 18. I joined the Army Reserves when I was 17 and then switched to active Army 11 months later. In the Reserves I trained as a unit supply specialist and armorer. In the Army, I trained as an Infantryman. I did well the first 10 years and graduated with high honors from Infantry training, Basic Non-commissioned Officers Course and the Instructors Training Course. After 10 years of service, I was discharged with a general under honorable conditions because of alcohol problems and ended up in Marinette, Wisconsin where my wife had a sister living. About six months later, my wife took the kids and left me.
I worked as a self employed mobile home tech for a few years then in took a job in a factory manufacturing custom interior for corporate jets. I ended up in a severe depression and was guided into treatment for alcoholism. About six months later, I started in college and obtained an Associates of Arts and Sciences. I moved to Oshkosh, WI and continued for a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. I held several different part-time jobs with the university including custodian, peer trainer, purchasing agent, and web server administrator.
On graduation, the job market was in poor shape and I took a job that I thought would be a temporary income. However, after a few weeks, I enjoyed the work so much I stopped looking for work and have been with the company since April 2004. I provide support service to people with disabilities, including community access, vocational support, and life skills coaching. The majority are adults with cognitive and developmental disabilities. I am active in public service as a ham radio operator member of Amateur Radio Emergency Services. My hobbies include photography, jewelry making, wood burning, camping, and motorcycles. I am a founding member of an International group of bikers known as Sober Bikers United. If interested and when you have time, there is much more info about me on the non-mobile web site

Happy Days

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