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Running Wolf

The problems in my life are not the situations and conditions that I encounter.
It is how I either respond or react to those situations and conditions
that transforms them into problems for me.

"Wolf Running with the Spirit Wind" is my chosen name. After speaking with an elder from the Onieda tribe, I knew this name was fitting. The elder had told me that "You are like a wolf that runs in the wind." After talking with him for some time, I knew this name spoke of the many winds of life that I run with, in, and against.

I come here to teach and share. I have learned through life on life's terms that I can only keep what I have by giving it away. And so, I offer here the knowledge of life that has come to me; take what you can use and better your life.

You may wonder what I can share with you.
Let me tell you a little about me, then tell you my story, share my thoughts and point out the trails this Wolf runs on and then when you go, I hope that you may have found something to take with you. But before you go, please except my "farewell message." Enjoy your journey through life and I hope you enjoy visiting this window to my life.

Here is a bit of wisdom passed to me about patience, anger and serenity.
The story of The Wolves Within